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Pharmacy Services of Mobile, LLC. has been serving the citizens of the Mobile community since 1992. We are a family-owned and operated business with personal care and customer service you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for pharmacy services for a facility or yourself … We are proud to serve you!

We provide medication administration records to our facilities at no charge.

Personalized consulting services are also available.

We are now an Exemplary Pharmacy
Accredited by The Compliance Team (as of April 2015)

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We provide a safe and secure connection between our pharmacy and local LTC facilities with QS/1®’s WebConnect™. The browser-based software helps our pharmacy provide LTC facilities with secure access to our patients’ medication information. The electronic access can improve patient safety, and both pharmacy and LTC facility productivity and efficiency.

  • Share data electronically between our pharmacy and facility
  • Improve our level of customer service by providing access to facility-specific patient data
  • Allow our facilities to electronically submit new or refill medication orders that flow directly into the pharmacy filling queue
  • Give our facilities access to view our patient billing matrix
  • Generate destruction reports with pre-populated prescription information
  • Improve patient safety by reducing faxed refill orders
  • Take advantage of wireless barcode scanning technology for safety and efficiency

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